Made in NYC

Hand printed in Brooklyn! Pillowcase Studies has been featured on BBC World News, BBC Breakfast, Scientific American, Huffington Post, and Fox News for it's fun and effective take on learning.

Corporate Finance

When you have a little cash on hand, you can invest in a hyper volatile and risky stock market or you could invest in a recession proof Pillowcase Study! This technical pillow covers everything from the opportunity cost of capital to the multiples method to the valuation of common stock and bonds. (note: investment in a Pillowcase Study does not usually lead to high financial returns).


Art History

Think Avicii is a famous painter? Then you need an art history pillowcase with designs displaying charactersistics from cubism, surrealism, and neo-classicism! Sleep through the night knowing that when you wake up there will be a vast emotional story of canvass sculpture and paint playing out behind your head.



Political Science

Do you know which branch of government holds the right to pass laws? How about the year that the war of 1812 happened? If you answered no to either one of these questions you should run for office! This pillowcase teaches the structure of the American political system from the two major parties to a brief history of the United States!